Tineco Pure One S12 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

10.0 out of 10
10.0 out of 10

The Tineco Pure One S12 is a rival to Dyson’s top of the range V12 cordless vacuum cleaner and is arguably better and cheaper.

Both the Tineco Pure One S12 and the Dyson V12 sit at the very top of the tree when it comes to premium priced vacuum cleaners.

They both perform to an exceptional standard but if you want to get the very best cleaning performance AND the best price creating exceptional value for money then the Tineco S12 edges it over the Dyson V12.

Both of these vacuum cleaners are meant for homes that need to be deep cleaned on a regular basis and have multiple people in the household and perhaps a few pets thrown in as well.

The Tineco offers excellent cleaning performance across both hard floor and carpet and comes with 2 interchangeable batteries so that you can clean for as long as you want without any thought of the battery ever running out.

Although you may not have heard of this company they have been around for more than 20 years and are huge in the United States where the company was founded in the late 1990’s.

The only reason they are not that well known in the UK is that they don’t spend any money marketing unlike the two market leaders for cordless vacuums in the UK – Shark and Dyson.

When companies like Dyson do TV advertising and online adverts it costs a fortune and that cost gets passed on to you the consumer in the form of higher prices but as Tineco don’t advertise that cost saving gets passed on to you in the form of lower prices.

And what you end up with is a cordless vacuum cleaner that is better than Dyson and cheaper.

Let’s take a look at all of the things this exceptional vacuum cleaner can do:

Features and Benefits

First of all, you get two batteries as standard with this vacuum cleaner which is unusual as normally if you want an extra battery you have to buy one and with Dyson you can’t because they are not interchangeable.

You get up to 50 minutes of life from one battery and Tineco have a very clever sensor for optimising battery life which in our opinion is better than Dyson because with Tineco it senses when there is more dirt to be vacuumed and automatically adjusts the suction power accordingly.

With the Dyson V12 it changes when you move from carpet to hard floor but if you come across a lot of dirt on your carpet when you are on the carpet it won’t change but the Tineco does.

So for example, if you are hoovering the carpet it will sense where there is more dirt and increase the suction to maximum if necessary and then on less soiled areas it will reduce the suction power back again to preserve the battery but still maximise cleaning performance.

Suction power is exceptional, so much so that if you manually turn it up to maximum on your carpet you will struggle to push it across the surface it’s that strong. Most of the time you won’t use it on max power.

It comes with a digital display on the top of the hoover so that you always know exactly how much time you have left and it automatically adjusts up and down depending on whether you are using it on high or low power so you can adjust if necessary if the battery is getting low.

That’s unlikely to ever have to be done manually anyway because it does that for you automatically and if the battery does run out then just pop in the spare and carry on.

This is one of the few cordless vacuums where you never actually need to concern yourself with the battery running out.

It comes with a HUGE array of accessories that ensures you will be able to clean absolutely anywhere and unusually it comes with a bendy hose attachment which is great for little nooks and crannies and brilliant for the car when you convert it into handheld mode.

It’s also a lot quieter than other premium cordless hoovers we have used and is very noticeably quieter than some of the Sharks and Dysons that really do let out very loud shrieks and roars when you clean which I didn’t really notice that much until we tried this which is a lot quieter.

We also noticed that hair was a lot less likely to become tangled in the brush roller compared to Dyson and it also has a really cool warning light on the LCD display that tells you when it has become tangled so you don’t need to guess and then look one day to find a situation where you need to spend 10 minutes cutting it out.

It’s also super easy to use and it manoeuvres across the floor and moves through the angles with ease.

It’s also very lightweight at just 2.88kg.

I’ve been trying to find some downsides to this hoover and its really hard to find any.

The only thing really to mention is that the dust bin is only 0.6 litres which is quite small so you’ll have it empty it on a fairly regular basis.


The Dyson V12 is widely recognised as one of the best cordless vacuum cleaners you can buy.

Unfortunately, in order to buy it, you will need to lay out a small fortune to do so.

We certainly agree that the Dyson V12 is an excellent vacuum cleaner but we don’t believe that it represents good value for money because of how ridiculously expensive it is.

And that is where the Tineco Pure One S12 comes in. It has all the features and benefits of the best Dyson but it doesn’t come with the stratospheric price.

When you take everything into account the Tineco will clean your home just as well as the Dyson and you get two batteries.

With the Dyson you need to preserve battery life as it could run out but with the Tineco you’ll never run out because if one dies you just switch in the other one.

If you are in the market for a high-quality premium cordless vacuum cleaner then this is one of the best out there when you combine performance and price for exceptional value for money.