VacLife Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

9.9 out of 10
9.9 out of 10

This is about as good as it gets for value for money. A lot of handheld hoovers at this price level have poor suction and are not fit for purpose but the Vaclife handheld vacuum cleaner delivers the goods.

With other vacuum cleaner types there are certain features and accessories that you need to take into consideration such as ease of use, weight, number of accessories and battery life.

With a handheld hoover, all of these things are relevant but pretty insignificant compared to the most important thing by far – good suction.

You don’t want to be getting the main vacuum cleaner out to clear up small amounts of food spillages or bits of pet hair that pop up during the week in between the main cleaning cycle so you need something reliable and quick to do the odd jobs.

If you have never had a handheld vacuum cleaner and you need something more portable to do the odd jobs around your home but you don’t want to spend a lot of money and you have had enough of the inconvenience of getting the big hoover out to do small jobs then this will fit the bill.

You can pay £200 for a Dyson handheld hoover if money is no object and yes, it does have fantastic suction but it has better do for that money.

The Dyson is not recommended because it is simply too expensive for what you get. You can buy about 5 of these for the price you will pay for 1 Dyson.

If ultra-strong suction is important to you and you don’t mind paying a premium for a really good premium product then you can consider the Shark WV200UK handheld vacuum cleaner.

The Vaclife costs less than 1/2 of the Shark and it will do a very similar job so it’s not hard to argue that this represents even better value for money than a more expensive branded alternative.

Features and benefits

When you buy a product from a brand you have never heard of the first thing you think of is whether you are actually going to get a duff product that will be a waste of money.

With the Vaclife handheld hoover there is no need to worry about that for three very specific reasons:

Amazon probably has the best customer service that we have ever experienced. If you buy something and it falls short of your expectations you simply send it back and they issue a refund.

Many happy owners. This handheld vacuum has already been bought tested and reviewed by customers already with overwhelmingly positive feedback.

Returning it if it doesn’t meet your needs is easy, it comes with a 1 year warranty and loads of people are already happy with it so it really is a risk-free purchase.

You are also making a saving compared to a well-known branded product because they don’t spend any money on advertising and those savings can be passed straight to you.

Most of the time you will be using it for 30 – 60 second blasts to clean small areas of mess but you will get 20 minutes of battery life out of it so it works well for longer jobs as well like stairs or rabbit hutches and in particular the car.

The accessories include a crevice tool for narrow gaps and corners and a brush attachment for higher surface areas and pet and human hair.

The charging base is wall mountable and you can never go wrong when you save a bit of space. Most cupboards have no space left in them anyway so you can keep this out of the way and make it easy to access by keeping it on a free bit of wall on the inside of your cupboard.

Suction is very good. When you put your hand up against it you will feel it pull your hand onto it as opposed to you having to place your hand on it.

You are not going to be using this to deep clean carpets, it’s to clean up surface mess in your home and car and for that purpose, it is more than adequate. Anything that comes within a few centimetres is going to get sucked straight into the waste container.

The filter is easily removable and washable and will clearly last at least as long as the 3 year warranty as they don’t want to risk it coming back due to a faulty filter.

Some handheld vacuum cleaners do not retain all of the dust they collect as some of it gets released back into the air due to poor filtration but this has a three-stage filtration process that makes sure whatever goes in stays in.

At 1.02kg it may be super lightweight but it’s a heavyweight when it comes to sucking up the dirt


Super value for money and the hose attachment is quite unusual for a cheap handheld hoover so that’s a definite bonus.

Combine that with the 20 minutes battery time, the strong suction power, low asking price, 12 month warranty and this goes a long way for the money.