Vax Blade 4 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

9.95 out of 10
9.95 out of 10

It’s very hard to find a cordless vacuum cleaner that doesn’t cost the earth but delivers good suction power and top-class cleaning performance.

The Vax Blade 4 doesn’t quite deliver the equivalent suction that Dyson does but incredibly it is pretty close and the key point is that it delivers by far the best suction power for the money.

This cordless vacuum cleaner will deliver about 90% of what you can expect from a top of the range Dyson but it will cost you about 50% less.

Vax have managed to find the balance between price and value without compromising on performance and that is not an easy thing to do.

Most cheap cordless vacuum cleaners are a massive let-down because to get to a low price the manufacturer has to compromise on the power of the motor and the battery which together generate the suction power.

If you want a really low price and decent suction then you need to stick to a corded vacuum cleaner but if you want the convenience of and ease of use of no cord and you want good performance without spending a fortune then that is a tougher nut to crack.

If you have 3 dogs and children running mud through your 5 bedroom home on a regular basis then perhaps you may want to opt for a top of the range Dyson or Shark but not all homes need that kind of ultimate performance and really great performance is absolutely fine.

Vax have done a great job with the Blade 4 understanding that there are plenty of homes out there that simply cannot justify spending the kind of money that Dyson are asking but they still want the convenience of cordless with great suction and cleaning ability.

Features and Benefits

All too often cordless vacuum cleaners come with a whole bunch of accessories that you will never use and not only is that annoying and they can be hard to store but that increases the price that you pay.

Vax include a crevice tool which is the most important one because it’s long and thin ensuring you can use it for your car seats and getting down the side of the sofa and also to reach up high when you clip it onto the main floor head.

By only including what you need, Vax has been able to pass that saving over to you the customer and reduce the overall price you pay for the hoover.

The waste container sits at the top so you can easily unclip the central wand and attach it to the floorhead turning it into a handheld in just one click making it super easy to do the stairs and any other non-floor surface.

The best part about this vacuum cleaner though is the ability to decide whether you want to use the brush that is in the floorhead or not and you can do that with the push of one button that is on the handle of the hoover.

Press the button and the brush stops spinning but you can still keep it on maximum power.

You should use it without the brush spinning for hard floor because it’s not required and with the brush spinning for carpets.

If you switch between the two (brush spinning & brush not spinning) then it will improve battery life to between 20-30 minutes on maximum power which is fantastic.

Compare that to Dyson on full power and you’ll be lucky to get 10 minutes out of it.

The waste container is 0.6litres and clips out easily to be emptied in the bin and the battery also clips out to sit in its charger with a full charge taking 3 hours from a fully depleted battery.

Another big advantage of this hoover if you are not up for lugging around a heavy hoover around the house or up and down the stairs that will never be an issue with the Blade 4 because despite its powerful motor it is extremely lightweight at just 3kg.

This review is for the standard Blade 4 but it is also available as a “pet” version as well.

If you have dogs or cats or both then you’ll know how tough it can be to get all of the hair hoovered up especially if you have carpet as the hairs can embed themselves deep into the carpet fibres.

The pet version costs a little more but comes with a mini motorised pet tool that will spin right down into the carpet fibres making it easy to clean pet hair from the sofa, stairs, car seats or anywhere above the floor that your furry friends leave their molted hair.

If you have pets its well worth considering the option with the pet tool.

Here is a short video showing some of the features of the Vax blade range of vacuum cleaners:


If value for money is important to you then this is better than Dyson when you take into account what you get for your money.

The suction is slightly less strong that a Dyson but is more than good enough for the vast majority of homes.

If you keep it on boost mode and have the motorised brush on then you will get about 10 minutes of cleaning power out of it which is more than a Dyson on full power.

But one of the best things about this vacuum is that you can switch the brush roller off when you are vacuuming any non-carpeted surface such as the kitchen or any laminate / hard floor areas you have and still keep it on full power.

When you do that battery power is increased to at least 30 mins on full power which is much more than Dyson on full power and that’s what makes this such great buy at half the price of a Dyson.

This is a superb value for money vacuum cleaner with close to Dyson performance at a much lower price.