You’ve probably landed on this page because you’ve heard about the new Vax Evolve cordless vacuum cleaner. It probably seems a bit too good to be true when you’re looking at the features vs the cost, and you’re looking for a completely honest review from folk who know a bit about Vaccum cleaners.

Well, you can stop searching, you’ve found the perfect post, just keep reading to discover if the Vax Evolve is your perfect cordless vacuum cleaner.

Vax are a very well known brand, they’ve been around for decades, since the late 70’s in fact, and there was a time when they were among the most well known and most respected branded vacuum cleaner brands in the UK. In recent years, particularly innovative vacuum cleaner companies (namely Dyson & Shark) have taken the limelight, and Vax has become lost in the background to some degree.

Clearly they’ve been working on changing that, they appear to be back in the fight, and the Evolve Cordless upright hoover is a good example of why they are becoming an ever more popular choice for anyone unwilling through choice or budget to shell out the big money being asked by Dyson or Shark.

The old adage “buy right or buy twice” is likely to be ringing in your years reminding you of past poor purchasing judgements, when looking at a low cost cordless hoover. To be fair, the Vax Evolve does look like it belongs in the “too good to be true” category, given the kind of money you’d probably be expecting to pay for a Shark or Dyson cordless vacuum cleaner, but depending on your specific requirements, the Vax evolve is probably going to turn out to be an exception to this rule.

Cordless hoovers are increasingly popular, but they’re inherently expensive, as it’s costly to design and manufacture a cordless vacuum cleaner which competes with corded cleaners on all levels including suction power, overall cleaning power and durability.  So when you see a cordless vacuum cleaner which is particularly cheap, you do have to ask yourself what the catch is, and the concern is that you’re going to end up buying a vacuum cleaner that just doesn’t do the job it’s supposed to and frustratingly leaves a lot of the dust and dirt behind.

The good news with the Vax Evolve is you don’t need to be concerned about the brand. Often the lower-cost options are non-brands, so there’s no brand trust to provide peace of mind, but Vax are one of the very well established UK vacuum cleaner brands.

The only catches, really, are the lack of frills & the lack of grunt that you’d get on the boost setting with a Dyson, for example. If you spend around £300-£500 or even more, for a cordless hoover, you’ll get plenty of bells & whistles, and you’ll often get mammoth suction power on max or “boost” mode. But whether these are actually catches, keep reading and decide for yourself.

There’s also the fact that, as I’ll discuss shortly, this hoover isn’t bundled with a thousand different tools and accessories that you’ll need to cram into a cupboard which is probably already filled with other tools and accessories that were bundled with other products, which you’ve probably never used (or is that just me?).

The more frugal among our readers would possibly come to the conclusion that both mega suction power and a plethora of accessories falls within the “bells & whistles” category, being more useful to the manufacturer as a selling point than it is of practical benefit to the user.

When it comes to quoting huge suction power, the reason I refer to this as bells and whistles is simply that while firms like Dyson & Shark have developed cordless vacuum cleaner technology a great deal over the past few years, battery technology hasn’t quite developed at the same kind of speed.

So it’s all well and good to sing and dance about having suction power that can rival corded cylinder vacuum cleaners, but unless you can get all of your hoovering done in a matter of a few minutes, then these kinds of stats aren’t really all that relevant, as they’re usually quoting power stats that will only give you a very short cleaning window.

The Vax Evolve is a really clever hoover that sits at the lower end of the pricing ladder but packs a real punch for the money when it comes to cleaning performance. It’s super lightweight at just 4.1kg, and there are no bells and whistles here, just good old-fashioned vacuum cleaning. The Vax Evolve will also be a relief to anyone who has been left feeling like they need to get themselves an engineering qualification to learn to use their hoover, as it’s incredibly simple to use straight out of the box.

The Vax comes in just a few parts and you’ll be up and running in just a few minutes. There is one button to turn it on and off and a few modes to select from and that’s it. If you want something that just cleans without the faff then keep reading.

A cordless vacuum cleaner specifically for hoovering floors

Most vacuum cleaners attempt to be everything to everyone and come with an abundance of accessories which, regardless of whether they really perform the related functions, enable the brand to market the vacuum cleaner to a wider percentage of the market.

What Vax have done here, which I think is quite a bold thing to do, is that they’ve not bundled it with any attachments. There’s no crevice tool, no special pet hair tool, no attachments for above floor cleaning, sofas, cars and so on, making this a hoover specifically made for cleaning floors.

Many hoovers come with a whole array of tools, and let’s be honest, the majority of us never use any of them, they just go away in a cupboard, and we use the main brush roller. The thing to remember is that although marketers may make it seem like things like tools and accessories are bundled free of charge, there’s no such thing as free, we pay for everything that is in the box.

So this is one of the ways Vax have kept the price low here, by making it clear what this model is intended for, and not forcing buyers to also buy unwanted tools & accessories.

Features and Benefits

Effective cordless cleaning on all floor types

The simple selections of hard floors, carpets, and “brushbar off” provide the versatility required to clean all surfaces, including wooden floors, tiles, laminate, lino & carpets. This is done by simply pressing the mode button on the top of the unit, which is very easy to access. What this means is that you can zip around your home from one room to the next, and simply press a button to select the floor type, rather than having to change tools, or press a stiff manual floor type selector knob on the brush head itself.

The sturdy brush bar in the floorhead makes the Vax Evolve particularly good for carpets, allowing it to easily penetrate carpet fibres of all types and depths.

If the majority of the floors you need to hoover are carpeted, and you just have one or two smaller rooms with hard floors, which is the case with many people, the Evolve is probably going to be a great choice. If, however, your floors are primarily hard surfaces such as hardwood or laminate, you may be better advised to have a look at some of the Shark Vacuum cleaners with their duo clean floorhead.

This feature makes the Shark hoovers of particular interest to anyone with a lot of hard floors to hoover, as their dual roller system is known for being particularly good for these kinds of surfaces, due to the unique secondary soft roller.

But if like most people, you’re mainly hoovering carpets and only have a relatively small area of hard surfaces to clean, the Vax Evolve will probably do a good enough job on both carpets and hard surfaces. It’s a good hoover for hard surfaces as far as the avoidance of “snowploughing” goes.

This is what happens when you’re trying to hoover hard surfaces and larger particles such as cereal & dog kibble or dry cat food for example, just get pushed around the floor, this doesn’t happen with the Evolve thanks to a large channel that Vax has built into the floorhead.

Easy accessed brush roller

While this may seem like a relatively small thing, I think just about everyone will be familiar with the annoyance of dealing with hair, string or other items (socks…) wrapped around the brush roller and having to fiddle around with trying to clean it whilst holding the hoover upside down or looking for the complicated way to take it out in order to clean it properly. Vax has thought that through and make it really easy to just twist a button at the side, and to simply pull the roller right out in literally a few seconds with zero hassle, unwrap whatever is wrapped around it, and slide it back in.

Battery power

The battery on the Vax Evolve is a quick replace battery similar to those that you’ll be familiar with from cordless drills etc., and at 4.0Ah – this is quite a big battery in terms of power, even bigger than some of the Shark and Dyson vacuum cleaners – and Vax state that this will give you up to around 35 minutes of run time on a single charge, which is something that you’ll find users concurring with if you read through the reviews. The charge is fairly quick too, taking around 3 hours to charge from empty to full.

Most people will find around 30-35 minutes of hoovering enough for most medium sized homes, and if you did want additional cleaning time, it is possible to buy spare batteries for the Evolve, they’re not cheap at about £80, though, which just goes to show what good value this cordless vacuum cleaner offers.

Other great features

While this isn’t a hoover which comes with bells and whistles, there are plenty of great, practical features, including an antimicrobial coating on the brush roller, to help prevent bacteria and fungi from growing on it and spreading onto the surfaces you’re trying to clean. The waste container being 1.2L is another great feature for such a small and lightweight hoover, and you probably won’t find yourself emptying it after every clean like some other stick vacuum cleaners at much higher prices and it’s super easy to remove and empty in just a few clicks.

The fact that it’s self-standing is another seemingly small feature which is actually really practical. Some of the more expensive cordless vacuum cleaners require the additional purchase of a stand in order to be able to properly stand it up, while the Evolve simply stands up on it’s own.

It’s clear that Vax has designed this hoover with simplicity in mind, there are no fancy LCD displays, no game-changing technology, just good old fashioned common sense design with the focus being put on the real areas of importance instead of trying to invent clever-sounding features to solve problems which don’t actually exist.

Functionality could not be easier. One button to turn it on and off and a “mode” button which I’ve mentioned, which switches between “hard floor”, “carpet” and “switch brush off”.

The first 2 speak for themselves but what it actually does in “hard floor” mode is reduce the suction power to save battery because you don’t need the same level of suction on hard floor as you do with carpets and it also reduces the speed that the brush spins.

In “carpet” mode you get full suction and maximum brush spinning speed and with “brush off” you get full suction power but the brush doesn’t spin which is ideal if you have delicate hardwood floors that you don’t want to risk getting scratched.

Suction power is very strong and in tests, it dealt very well with debris that you would never expect to deal with in normal daily cleaning of your home, very impressive.

Here is an informative video showing the Vax Evolve in action:


This is a great value for money vacuum cleaner that is perfect for anyone that lives in a flat, bungalow or small to medium sized home. It’s very light, easy to store and could not be easier to use with one button to turn it on and one button to switch between modes and has great suction power.