Vileda Steam Mop

9.8 out of 10
9.8 out of 10

If you had to name a brand of mop then I’m pretty sure there is only one that pretty much anyone could name and that is Vileda.

 If you need to clean hard floors on a regular basis the Vileda steam mop will transform the way you clean and the results that you get.

Vileda have been the market leaders in the manual mop market for many years for one simple reason, they know how to make a good mop.

If they know how to make a good manual mop then it stands to reason they will likely do a good job when it comes to a steam mop.

The Vileda steam mop is a great example of a company that sits below the radar when it comes to a quality brand that you can trust and rely on to deliver a product that will deliver on your expectations.

Most households have a mop and it involves some hot soapy water in a bucket and a mop that needs immersion in the water and then squeezing out before mopping the floor and then you have to wait for a thin layer of water to dry before you can walk on the surface again.

If you have never had a steam mop before then you will wonder how you ever did without one from an ease of use perspective and the quality of clean as well that can be achieved just from a constant burst of steam compared to warm water.

Features and Benefits

Some stream mops come with a triangular head and some come with a rectangular head.

Having tried both many times, neither shape is really better than the other and it really does just come down to personal preference.

This Vileda steam mop comes with a triangular head that makes it nice and easy to get into corners and narrow areas but at the same time is a good size so you get good floor coverage in quick time.

Two cloths are supplied that fit easily onto the base and the fibre absorbs brilliantly when combined with the steam on a high setting.

When it gets dirty simply remove the cloth and stick it in the washing machine and pop the spare one on so you are never without a cloth even when one is in the wash.

Everyday standard dirt and grime will be wiped away with a single pass and even tougher, ground-in stains will only take a couple of swipes to get the job done.

If you have a coffee stain or a wine stain that has dried in all you need to do is place the steam mop over it for a few seconds and the power of the steam will loosen it up ready to be absorbed by the cloth.

It feels comfortable to hold and once you are in the flow of mopping you will find that the steam acts as another layer to the cloth and it kind of glides around almost like a hovercraft over water.

Some steam mops come with different levels of steam power to select from such as minimum, medium and maximum but the Vileda has a dial that you turn so it gives you more flexibility to adjust it to the level of power that best suits the surface you are cleaning.

We just kept it at maximum the whole time and it produces some really good results just from the steam without even adding any detergent.

As soon as you plug it in you are pretty much good to go immediately as it has just a 15-second heat up time before the steam starts to flow.

When you combine the length of the cord and the length of the steam mop you get a 6 metre total reach which is more than plenty for the vast majority of rooms and most of the time you can cover multiple rooms in one go without changing plug sockets.

The 400ml water tank is a good size and will provide around 25 minutes of cleaning time on full power without having to be refilled. One tank full will be plenty for most homes and its hardly a hassle if you need to top it up mid clean anyway.

If you do run low on water you will feel a pulsing vibration to let you know it’s running low and needs topping up.

The only thing that we weren’t that keen on was the included “carpet glider”. It’s a piece of plastic that clips onto the base and allows you to move it easily across your carpet to give it a bit of a refresh.

We found it to be a bit of a waste of time on carpets and we couldn’t notice the difference between before and after so in our opinion its not even worth including the carpet glider attachment and they could consider knocking off a couple of quid and just let the steam mop do what it does best which is clean hard floor surfaces.

We tested it specifically on laminate Amtico flooring and it did a sterling, effortless job and it did an equally fine job of the tiled kitchen floor as well.

This is a very simple to use steam mop that feels strong, sturdy and built to last.


If you are looking for a brand that you can trust to give you a high quality deep clean on hard floor surfaces then the Vileda steam mop fulfils that criteria.

It’s a good solid brand that has been around for decades in the home cleaning market.

They have refined and finessed everything they know about cleaning floors and the result is a steam mop that enables you to clean your floors efficiently, hygienically and with the minimum of fuss.

The mop head has been designed to effortlessly glide across the floor and the continuous burst of steam ensures a deep clean that you cannot get anywhere near to with a manual mop and bucket.

An easy to use, great value for money steam mop.

Here is a short video showing it in action: