VYTRONIX Animal Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner

9.95 out of 10
9.95 out of 10

The ultra low-cost cylinder vacuum cleaner market has lots of low cost options available and that makes the competition fierce which is good for you the consumer because it drives prices down.

This VYTRONICS hoover blew us away with its suction performance levels for an astonishingly low price for what it delivers.

If you would rather go on holiday with your money than buy a Dyson then you could buy around 10 of these before you got close to the cost of one of the top of the range Dyson cleaners.

Is it as good as a top of the range Dyson? Is it more convenient? No. You do have to make a few compromises but you are paying around 10% of the price of a top-end cordless cleaner but you are getting about 80% of what they deliver.

We are a big fan of these very low-cost cylinder vacuum cleaners because it is easy to be sceptical and go down the road of “it’s too good to be true” but if you choose wisely it is very possible to get a hoover with excellent suction power for a very small outlay.

There is also a lot of choice at the below £100 price level and it’s very easy to buy something at twice the price of this hoover and get the same thing.

That’s why we have researched them all and only picked out a handful in this price range that delivers on our key measurements of quality and value.

By far the most important thing with any hoover is its ability to pick up all of the dust and debris that is living in your home and that comes down to suction power.

One of the compromises that you have to make with this kind of vacuum cleaner is that you have to plug it into the wall but if that is going to save you hundreds of pounds compared to a cordless equivalent is that such a problem?

If you don’t have a large house this is going to work just as well for you as something that costs loads more and just because the trend is towards cordless vacuum cleaners doesn’t mean that you have to be sucked in by it (no pun intended )

The other thing you benefit from with a brand you have never heard of is that they don’t spend any money on marketing and a big chunk of money gets added onto the cost of each product from the big brands to pay for all the advertising.

These guys pass that saving on to you in the form of a cheaper price.

Features and Benefits

First and most importantly is the amazing suction power that you will enjoy with this cleaner.

A huge 800 watts is on a par with the super expensive cordless cleaners. Nothing is going to be left behind when it gets hit with that kind of power.

The reality is that you will rarely use it on maximum power because it will make it hard to push across most carpeted surfaces because at that level of power it’s going to be sticking to the carpet if it’s medium to long pile.

So for hard floors and short-pile carpets, max power is fine but you will definitely need to turn it down a bit for longer pile carpets.

It has been designed for households with pets in mind because it specifically comes with a pet hair tool attachment in addition to the standard accessory tools which is very rare for hoover at this price level.

An 800 watt motor combined with a pet hair accessory tool is going to make sure that no sign of any cats or dogs will be left in sight. Be careful not to let the hamster out when you are cleaning because it may be more than the hair that gets picked up.

As well as the pet hair tool you also get a two in one long crevice tool that also doubles up as a dusting tool for more delicate areas.

The cord is 6 metres long but when you add to that the length of the hose the total reach is around 7 metres which is more than enough for the vast majority of rooms.

You also get a telescopic extension for the pole so you can adjust it to suit your height.

Weighing in at 6kg it’s light as well as super powerful so will be no problem for lifting onto or up the stairs.

Bagless hoovers at this price level tend to have small waste containers because the smaller size keeps the price down but this one is a decent size so you won’t find yourself emptying it after every clean.

This VYTRONIX cylinder cleaners waste container is a lot bigger than other comparable bagless hoovers so if you want to keep all the dust and debris inside the bag and don’t want to fish it out by hand and you want to empty it less often then this hoover is well worth considering.


When it comes to recommendations, we compare what you get to what you pay.

With this VYTRONIX cylinder vacuum cleaner you get a lot for very little

The suction power combined with the pet attachment makes this ideal for any home with animals that shed hair.

You will be very hard pushed to find another cylinder vacuum cleaner that actually delivers when it comes to picking up pet hair at this price.

If you don’t want to spend much but you want something that delivers then add this one to the shortlist.