VYTRONIX Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner

9.5 out of 10
9.5 out of 10

This is a really good super cheap hoover that punches well above its weight for the price.

This gets into our top recommendations because when you combine the price with performance it scores very highly.

Very importantly, you are not going to get the same level of suction from this cordless stick vacuum cleaner as you do from Dyson or Shark. You will pay more for a battery from Shark than you do for this entire hoover.

Not everyone needs the suction power that the premium brands offer and not everyone can afford the prices that they charge so if you fall into either or both of these categories then this cleaner could be a perfect fit for your needs.

It’s all about value for money and what we like about this hoover is that it will clean as well as some other cleaners at twice the price.

Hoover for example have fallen by the wayside when it comes to producing a vacuum cleaner that gives you value for your money and you will pay a lot more for a vacuum cleaner that has the Hoover name plastered across it but you can easily find something like this that costs a lot less but will do an as good or better job.

When you buy a branded product like Dyson or Shark or Hoover part of the price you pay includes all the advertising and marketing that they do. Someone has to pay for it after all and that someone is you.

If you buy a product like this VYTRONIX that you have never heard of, you benefit from them not spending any money unnecessarily and that saving gets passed on to you.

That said there is no point in buying a cheap hoover if it doesn’t work. As long as you set your expectation correctly and you know what you are going to get from it then you will not be disappointed.

If you have thick deep pile carpets that get a lot of dirt into them from children and pets then this is not going to be the right cleaner for you, you will need something with more powerful suction.

But if you have a house that is generally clean and you need something to keep it that way then this may be right for you.

It will work really well if you only want to do a deep clean maybe once every couple of weeks with a more powerful corded or heavier cleaner but a quick whizz round with this much lighter cleaner with no cords makes life much easier.

It works really well on hardwood floor and will pick up everything with a couple of swipes up and down and no problem either with pet hair on shorter carpet.

Features and Benefits

First off it is light. Weighing 2.3kg makes it very easy to manoeuvre whether you are pointing it down towards the floor or up into the corners of the ceiling.

Lifting it up and down the stairs is a breeze as it hardly even feels like you are holding anything.

You would think that something this cheap would be flimsy but it feels surprisingly strong and sturdy so when you combine this with how light it is you will find that it moves effortlessly across the surface you are cleaning.

The battery will last you up to 30 minutes if you use it on standard power mode. Light cleaning in dusty but not dirty areas is fine on the normal power mode but you really need to use it on the highest level of suction to get the most out of it.

Some of the premium branded cordless vacuum cleaners require you to press in and hold the trigger to keep it running. We find this a little annoying because you can get an achy finger and you have to keep your hands in the same position all the time.

With the VYTRONIX you press the power button once to turn it on then press it again to go to maximum power mode and again to turn it off.

If you use it permanently on maximum power mode then cleaning time will be reduced to around 20 minutes which is plenty for most homes. The suction is absolutely fine for regular cleaning.

The price on other cleaners gets bumped up by the amount of accessories that they come with so it is good to see this one only coming with two in order to keep the price down.

The long crevice tool is essential for the likes of skirting boards and down the side of the sofa. The dusting tool is great for higher level surfaces like worktops and furniture. Do you really need any more than these two? Probably not and for this price it’s great that it comes with these two.

Its easy to pay more than the entire cost of this cleaner for just a handheld and this converts into one with one click. Then just stick the crevice tool on and you are good to go in the car or the stairs or wherever you need to get to that is hard to do with a long handle.

The waste container is a good size for a cleaner at this price. The 0.5 litre capacity will see you through for a good few cleans before it needs emptying.


The rating for this Hoover is very closely linked to the price. A lot of people will pay a lot more than this for a branded vacuum cleaner that will work the same or worse.

It does not have the suction power of a Dyson or a Shark but they are 5 or 6 times more expensive.

If you can’t afford to spend £300-£500 or more for a hoover or you simply think that it is outrageous to do so then this vacuum cleaner will do a good job of cleaning your home with the convenience of no wires or plugs.

Just don’t compare it to a product that costs five times as much and you will be perfectly satisfied.