Wilks RX550i Pressure Washer

10.0 out of 10
10.0 out of 10

This high-quality premium pressure washer produces commercial quality cleaning at an affordable price.

If you want something that is going to deliver no matter how tough or ground in the dirt then the huge 262 bar of pressure that this washer produces will not disappoint.

To put that into perspective our other pressure washer recommendations achieve between 110-130 bar of pressure and they are really good washers that do a great job.

If you ever get your car cleaned at a hand car wash and can’t believe the power that their pressure washers generate then they will be using pressure washers with about 260-300 bar of pressure.

With the Wilks RX550i you are getting professional quality at an affordable price.

Our other pressure washer recommendations are specifically suited for smaller to medium-sized homes and for less frequent jobs whereas the build quality of the RX550i makes it suited for homes of all sizes and no job is too big.

It’s very clear that this pressure washer sits in a premium category above the likes of Bosch and Karcher. The build quality both externally and internally combined with the power output make it stand out. You will pay more than the entry-level machines but it still represents really good value for money.

Features and Benefits

One of the things that makes premium quality products stand out above the everyday products is the willingness of the manufacturer to spend money on the internal component parts that you can’t see with the naked eye because they are inside the pressure washer.

It’s not just how it looks from the outside, it’s what it’s made of inside that is just as important.

Wilks pressure washers are made with high-quality copper motors to ensure high performance and second to none reliability.

Other manufacturers tend to use aluminium to save money. Nothing wrong with aluminium but copper is better.

This is a professional piece of kit and because it is fully loaded with top-quality internal component parts, a heavy-duty motor to deliver the 262 bar of pressure and a 26 metre hose, it’s not light weighing in at 30kg.

It’s actually a pretty compact unit considering the beast of a motor that sits inside. At 94 cm tall and just 32cm deep and 36 cm wide it will fit neatly into any shed or garage without taking up much space.

The wheels are well made and strong making it easy to wheel around and you are never going to be messing around with extension cables as a 26 metre reach should be more than plenty for all jobs.

It comes with all the accessories you need to clean all outdoor surfaces:

The standard gun and lance with fully adjustable pressure allows you to clean all surfaces regardless of sensitivity or stubbornness.

A lower setting can be used on wood such as fences or wooden garden furniture.

The turbo wand can generate the maximum 262 bar of pressure and is ideal for bricks on the side of your house that have never been cleaned or concrete driveways that have had years of dirt and grime build-up.

Depending on the job you are doing just select one of the 5 different nozzles to suit. Blasting, stripping, washing cleaning or detergent application. There is one for all eventualities.

We like the angled lance they call the “gutter lance” and for good reason because you can get into your gutters by standing underneath them and lifting the gun to the gutter level and let the angled lance blast away.

You also get a couple of brush attachments. One standard brush and a circular one that spins while you use it.

Last but far from least is the patio cleaning attachment that keeps the water contained in a circular housing to keep the water blast as concentrated as possible and is pretty much guaranteed to bring back to life even the most neglected of surfaces.

To make cleaning even more effective there is a 1 litre detergent tank that can be filled with a cleaning solution of your choice that will mix with the water during pressurised cleaning.

All of the attachments can be stored onboard the main body of the washer ensuring easy access to exactly what you need and it helps to keep everything in one place for storage purposes.

Despite being based in the United States customer service is very important to Wilks so they offer a 24 month warranty and a UK based support line for any and all queries or support you may require.


If you want a pressure washer that you know for sure is going to deliver no matter what you need to clean then the Wilks RX550i will not let you down.

This has been well built with premium materials and will last for years. Everything is solid and it feels like you are using a professional piece of kit when in use.

It has an extremely long reach and every accessory you need to cover every possible requirement.

This is an absolute powerhouse of a pressure washer but it also represents really good value for money as well.

Here is a short video showing you it in action. Stick around to the end of the video as it shows the power that it generates by cutting through an apple and a watermelon!