The Best Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner In The UK

So this is an article about the best cylinder vacuum cleaner in the UK, and OK you may say that this isn’t the most riveting topic to be reading an article about. But fear not, by the time you’ve finished reading this article, two things will be true:

Firstly you’ll have made a decision on which is the best cylinder vacuum cleaner for you, and secondly, you won’t have nodded off, because we don’t just deliver vacuum cleaner related info, we also deliver nonsense, daftness (which is actually in the English dictionary, I’ll have you know), and mildly entertaining rhetoric aimed at keeping the reader engaged while reading about an admittedly mundane subject.

Why Go For a Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner? 

Cylinder vacuum cleaners tend to have a few things in common, in addition to not usually being cylindrical!

They’re Affordable
Cylinder vacuum cleaners are among the cheapest hoovers on the market. The reason for this is that they’re very simple to design and manufacture. They’re usually corded, which means there’s no battery technology required or expensive technology needed to try to eek out as much power as possible via batteries in order to try to come close to the power of corded vacuum cleaners.

They don’t need to be super lightweight, so you don’t end up having to pay a fortune for state-of-the-art design and development.

They’re Powerful
You’ll often see some of the most expensive, cordless lightweight vacuum cleaners with marketing blurb boasting that they’re as powerful as corded vacuum cleaners. There are a couple of funny things about that.

Maybe funny isn’t the right word,  I don’t think you’re going to split your sides laughing at marketing blurb, although actually, I do often giggle at the ridiculous statements made by brands in marketing info, although not as often as I laugh at the questions and answers on Amazon, for example in one I saw today someone had asked “how do I get into the cable storage compartment” to which someone replied with: “Why” ;-).

One observation about the boast re being as powerful as corded vacuum cleaners is it wouldn’t really strike me as something to write home about, that a cleaner costing maybe five to ten times the cost of a simple corded cylinder vacuum cleaner can boast similar power, and the other observation is that actually they can usually only match this power on Max, or “boost” mode, and that mode drains the battery in a matter of minutes. 

They have much bigger waste bins
The best cylinder vacuum cleaners tend to have much bigger waste capacity than the most expensive lightweight flashy cordless stick vacuum cleaners. Cylinder vacuum cleaners tend to have waste bins ranging from around 1.5L to a whopping 9L with some of the most popular cylinder vacuums, and cordless sticks tend to range from around 450ml to 1.6L, and one with a capacity of 1.6L, by the way, will set you back around seven hundred pounds!

They’re simple
OK, some of the most expensive lightweight stick hoovers are more simple than others, but with many of the pricey cordless vacuums, you may be left wondering if you bought a hoover or a device designed by Egon Spengler for detecting and evaluating paranormal energies. With most of the best cylinder vacuum cleaners, it’s a case of turning it on and letting it rip, and occasionally emptying the waste bin.

They’re reliable
The Cylinder vacuum is such a simple design, that it’s quite uncommon to find a cylinder vacuum that struggles with reliability. OK cheaper options are built cheaper, all brands have to make a profit, but it’s such a simple concept that generally speaking, this kind of vacuum cleaner tends to be among the most reliable, vs the most high tech all singing-all dancing stick vacuums which have more working components to potentially go wrong.

What Are Cylinder Vacuum Cleaners, Anyway?

As I’ve alluded to, most cylinder vacuum cleaners aren’t cylindrical ;-), so what are they, and why do we refer to them as Cylinders?

Originally this kind of vacuum cleaner was made of a main cylindrical vacuum cleaner body and a long hose leading to a pipe with a brush head attached. While the main design of cylinder vacuum cleaners hasn’t really changed, the main body of the majority of modern cylinder vacuums aren’t exactly cylindrical in shape.

The reason this kind of hoover has remained relatively unchanged over the years, is that it just works.

Yes, brands try to make them look more modern (which is probably the reason they don’t tend to be particularly cylindrical), and some brands, Shark in particular, work hard to bring new features to all of their lineup including their cylinder vacuums, but as far as the core design goes, this kind of vacuum cleaner design has never needed huge upgrades as it just works.

What Should I Look For in a Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner?

What we’d recommend you pay attention for when looking for a vacuum cleaner, depends on the type you’re looking at, for example, if you were looking a stick vacuum we’d be saying just keep an eye on the waste capacity, as some of them can be tiny – and also look at the cleaning power on a full charge at a mix of power settings (as the figures in the blurb will usually be on eco mode).

When it comes to cylinder vacuum cleaners, you generally don’t have to worry quite as much about the waste capacity as even the smallest tend to have ample waste capacity, and you don’t need to worry about battery life, as all of our best cylinder vacuum cleaner suggestions are corded. 

Weight is something to consider if you’re doing a lot of going up and down stairs, as some of the cylinder options can be a bit on the weighty side.

Bagged or bagless is something to keep in mind, as you’ll find bagged and bagless options in our list of suggestions. Personally, I think bags are fine if it’s a larger capacity bag. I’ve had a Henry for years, and I’ve never considered the bag to be an issue as it doesn’t need replacing particularly often. 

The length of the power cable is worth keeping an eye on, and the length of the hose, as these two together are responsible for your overall reach without having to switch plug sockets.

The final thing to say about shopping for a cylinder vacuum cleaner is to look for one with a motorized pet tool, if you have pets. No, this isn’t a tool for cleaning motorized pets, it is, of course, a motorized (spinning brush) tool for digging pet hair out of carpets and sofas.

They’re smaller than standard brush heads which also makes them great for sofas in general, and stairs, they’re also a great tool for hoovering the car, especially if you tend to take your furry pets out in the car (probably dogs, although I have seen a chap walking a ferret on a lead).

Best Cylinder Vacuum Cleaners In The UK

Here are what we believe to be among the best cylinder vacuum cleaners available in the UK today based on performance and value for money. 

Shark CZ250UKT & CZ500UKT cylinder vacuum cleaner

Waste Container: 1.6l
Weight: 8kg
Power Cable:  9m
Hose Length: 2m
Wattage: 880W
Bagged/Bagless: Bagless
Pet Tool: Yes

Shark tend to focus more on uprights and stick vacuums, giving the mighty Dyson a good run for their money where the latest cordless vacuum cleaners are concerned, but unlike Dyson, Shark do actually bring their latest features to their corded vacuum cleaners. 

So the CZ250 & CZ500, are bagless cylinder vacuum cleaners with some of the latest Shark features, including Anti-Hair-Wrap, Flexology Wand  & Allergen Complete Seal – and the more expensive of the two, the CZ500, features the clever “Duo Clean” system. As I’ll explain, these aren’t gimmicks, in my humble opinion some of these features from Shark are genius.

Anti Hair Wrap

This is a really simple yet brilliant feature in which a sharp combe separates and cuts strands of hair before it can get rolled onto the brush, to then be vacuumed into the waste bin. This means you don’t have to undergo the thankless task of hacking away at hair on your brush roller, brilliant!

Flexology Wand

Another simple feature, but it’s really effective! There’s a hinge on the wand which you simply press when you want to hoover under low items such as sofas, beds and so on, and it works really well. No more having to get on your knees to hoover under the bed!

Allergen Complete Seal

These are bagless hoovers, and they have a HEPA filter which are great for filtering out dust, pollen and other allergens, however, because they’re bagless, the filter is on the waste container.

What this means is that if there isn’t a complete seal around the filter, you may be vacuuming microscopic nasties from where they weren’t actually doing any harm, just minding their own business doing whatever microscopic nasties do (not much I suspect), and then pumping them into the air to be inhaled!

The Complete Seal feature means, of course, that there is a complete seal around the filter, so there’s no worry about inadvertently re-circulating allergens into the air.

Duo Clean

You’ll find this feature on the CZ50, and it’s a really smart feature in which two brushes (one more standard hard brush roll and a soft brush roll) work together to ensure equally great results regardless of the floor type.

This feature is particularly good for homes with mixed floor types. If all your rooms are carpeted, then you may be better saving a few quid and going for the cheaper version which is almost the same but without the Duo Clean feature.  If you have a mix of carpets and hard floors, though, you’ll probably find this feature well worth the investment.



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Beko Orion 6 cylinder vacuum cleaner


Waste Container: 2.5l
Weight:  4.92kg
Power Cable:  6m
Hose Length: 4m
Wattage: 800W
Bagged/Bagless: Bagless
Pet Tool: No

Beko is a brand most people in the UK are familiar with these days, with a wide range of home electricals from coffee machines to tumble driers and just about everything in between. They’re known for producing great value, really competitively priced products.

This is one of our biggest recommendations for people who’re looking for the very best value for money, as this is a low-cost cylinder hoover that provides cleaning performance normally reserved for vacuum cleaners at a much higher price point.

Not only does it clean really well but you also get additional functionality and features that you would not expect for such a small outlay.

800 watts of power is going to be much more than you need. It’s super powerful and most of the time you will find yourself using the medium or low power setting to hoover up the normal surface dust with max power mode being reserved for ingrained dirt in areas like deep pile carpet.

It’s a bagless cleaner so no need to worry about replacement bags, and it has a nice-sized 2.5 litre waste bin, ensuring that you won’t need to empty it after every clean. The 6m power cable plus in combination with the 4m code length gives you a total reach of 10m (amazing at maths, me), and it has the Beko DustSeal™ HEPA13 Filter, which means that as with much more expensive Shark cylinder vacuum cleaner above, allergens are filtered out and kept trapped in the waste container until you come to open it.


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Henry The Hoover cylinder vacuum cleaner

Waste Container: 6l
Weight:  7.5 kg
Power Cable:  10m
Hose Length: 2.2m
Wattage: 620W
Bagged/Bagless: Bagged
Pet Tool: Not as standard*

If something has been around for more than 30 years and has sold more than 15 million units and is still going strong then you know they must be doing something right.

Not only that, but just find any professional cleaner and ask them what vacuum cleaner they use, they usually answer with “Henry”, in my experience, and you can’t really get a better endorsement for this simple and relatively inexpensive vacuum cleaner than the fact that it’s what the majority of pro domestic and commercial cleaners choose to use.

OK it’s not the cheapest in our best cylinder vacuum cleaners in the UK suggestions, but it’s actually towards the lower end, and it’s such a great hoover for the cash.

You’ll probably notice that the wattage is 620 W, which is a relatively new thing for Henry – who used to come in at a whopping 1200W, a lot of power for a hoover! It’s important to point out, however, that the newer smaller powered motor format is actually more powerful than the older 1200 W model where airflow is concerned. 

It’s not just about pure grunt, there’s more to suction power than that, and Numatic (who started out making their hoovers from upcycled oil drums and washing up bowls) completely re-designed Henry to get even more suction power from a much smaller (and therefore much more energy efficient) motor.

Henry is a bagged vacuum cleaner, so you’ll need to replace the bag occasionally, but they’re huge 6 Litre capacity bags, so it’s not as if you’ll be emptying them on a daily basis.

There’s plenty of reach (12.5m in total) a combination of the 2.2L hose and the 10m power cable, and the cable retracts back inside via a reel to keep it nice and neat.

This is an amazing choice for all home types and is also the vacuum of choice for commercial and domestic cleaners, builders, decorators and DIY tradesmen.

*Re the pet tool, the standard Henry doesn’t come bundled with the pet tool, you can buy the AiroBrush pet tool separately,  they also do a “Henry Pet” which is the same henry but bundled with the AiroBrush per tool and odour cartridge, for getting rid of wet pet smell.



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George Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaner & Carpet Cleaner

Waste Container: 9l wet, 15l dry
Weight:  15 kg
Power Cable:  10m
Hose Length: 2.2m
Wattage: 1060W
Bagged/Bagless: Bagged
Pet Tool: Yes

George is Henry’s bigger green brother, and this is a mean green carpet cleaning machine.

While Henry Hoover is a dry vacuum cleaner only, George is a wet and dry cylinder vacuum cleaner with the ability to shampoo carpets and hard floors, and valet cars to pro standards. 

This will do proper deep cleaning of carpets as a stand-alone carpet cleaner would, but it also does normal vacuum cleaning and is also a hard floor cleaner.

This is the ultimate all-rounder. I’m not usually a huge fan of the “all-rounder” term, I think this can often be marketing blurb speak for “Jack of all trades master of none”, but I actually think George is a master of all trades, and given the specs and the abilities, the price is really impressive. OK it’s towards the top end of things for cylinder vacuum cleaners, but you’d normally pay quite a lot more than this just for a stand-alone carpet cleaner.


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Miele C3 Complete Powerline cylinder vacuum cleaner 

Waste Container:  4.5l
Weight:  7.3 kg
Power Cable:   10l
Hose Length: 1.8m
Wattage:  890W
Bagged/Bagless:  Bagged
Pet Tool: No

We are huge fans of the Miele brand overall mainly because they never compromise on quality even if it means charging more for their products.

Sometimes the most expensive can work out to be the cheapest in the end because when you use the very best components to make something it will often outlast other products that use poor or inferior quality parts.

890 watts of power is a stunning amount of suction ensuring you will rarely need to use it on maximum power. The cheaper cylinder cleaners do the job very well but this hoover simply oozes class.

You can see just by looking at it that it is strong, sturdy and built to last. It’s a bagged cleaner that has a 4.5-litre capacity and is self-sealing so when you remove it there will be no puffs of dust which is ideal for allergy sufferers.

As you would expect at this price level the cable is self-rewinding and has a long 8.5-metre reach making it ideal for larger rooms.

It also comes with a 3 piece accessory attachment set that sits nicely inside the body of the hoover making each one very easily accessible for when you need them.

Not the cheapest but expect it to last years.



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Miele CX1 Bagless Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner

Waste Container:  2l
Weight: 8.4kg
Power Cable:  10l
Hose Length: 1.8l
Wattage:  890 W
Bagged/Bagless:  Bagless
Pet tool: No

Another Miele but this time a bagless version and unusually for a vacuum cleaner that doesn’t take bags it comes with a large 2 litre waste container.

You get all of the reliability and performance you would expect from a premium brand like Miele combined with exceptional suction power from its 890 watt motor. 

The telescopic pole is fully adjustable so you can make it any length that makes it comfortable to use with your own height and it comes with a whole bunch of accessories for easy cleaning of all surfaces.

All of the attachments clip onto the vacuum cleaner for easy storage and ensures you don’t need to go to the cupboard to dig one out when you want to do the sofa mid clean.

There are a number of different models in the range with the basic model (SKRF3) coming with a standard filter and then the next model up (SKCF3) coming with a HEPA filter that ensures 99.99% dust retention and then the cat and dog version comes with a motorised brush tool to deal with stubborn pet hair.

You can control the power either directly on the vacuum itself or there are also controls on the handle where your thumb sits. There are 4 different power levels but we found that we never really went above 3 which is stronger than most other hoovers on full power.

This video shows the CX1 in action:



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Vytronix Animal cylinder vacuum cleaner

Waste Container:  3l
Weight: 6kg
Power Cable:  5l
Hose Length:  1.5l
Wattage:  800W
Bagged/Bagless: Bagless
Pet Tool: Yes

OK maybe the manufacturer has borrowed the word “Animal” from a much more well-known brand (you guessed it, that would be Dyson) but for good reason. This is an absolute animal when it comes to removing dirt from your home.

This vacuum is living proof that you can buy a cheap cleaner and it will still pick up all the pet hair that you feed it with.

The super powerful 800 watt motor will be more than a match for all types of hair whether it be human or animal even if it is living deep down and embedded in your carpet but just in case you get a pet hair attachment specifically intended to make light work of even the most stubborn animal hairs.

It comes with a larger than average waste container at this very low-cost budget price level and you get a telescopic extension so you can adjust it to make it easier to use according to your height.

A great option for pet owners at a very affordable price


See the full review of the Vytonix Animal cylinder vacuum cleaner


Swan Eureka cylinder vacuum cleaner

Waste Container:  2l
Weight: 7.3 kg
Power Cable:   5l
Hose Length:  1.5l
Wattage:  800W
Bagged/Bagless: Bagless
Pet Tool: Yes

Trusted branded products normally come at a premium but this is a very low-cost hoover from a well-known brand name. Swan has been around for a long time and are more well known for their toasters than hoovers but they wouldn’t want to damage their reputation on a hoover that doesn’t do a good job and this does surprisingly well for the price.

If you don’t have pets then the entry model is fine but if you do have any furry friends then it is worth going for the model that comes with the pet tool as it does make a difference when it comes to digging into the carpet fibres to make sure no hair is left behind.

Suction is strong for such a cheap hoover and you get a large 2-litre waste container and a filtration system that includes a HEPA filter that ensures that over 99% of the dust and dirt that gets picked up stays in.

The pole is telescopic as well so you can adjust it to your height making it easy to clean.


See the full review of the Swan Eureka cylinder vacuum cleaner

Amazon basics cylinder vacuum cleaner

Waste Container:  1.5l
Weight: 5.35 kg
Power Cable:   5l
Hose Length:  1.5l
Wattage:  700W
Bagged/Bagless: Bagless
Pet Tool: No

If you’re familiar with Amazon Basics, then you’ll know what to expect here, they basically figure out what are the basic features people are looking for, what price they need to produce a product for in order to sell the maximum number of units, and then they’ll go to work to produce it. 

They do it for a wide range of products, and while I have to say I’ve been very underwhelmed by some of the Amazon Basics products, this is such a simple cylinder vacuum cleaner design, I think they’d have to work quite hard to produce something that doesn’t do the job, and looking at the huge number of mainly positive reviews, it does look like they’ve done quite well with the Amazon basics hoover.

It’s very low price as you’d expect from an Amazon basics product, and they’ve managed to eek out some relatively decent basic features for this very, very low price. 700W is nothing to be sniffed at, and while I have said in this article that wattage isn’t everything, this does appear to have impressive overall cleaning power. 

It has a washable HEPA 12 filter, it’s about the standard volume at 78 decibels, it’ll do a decent job on hard floors as well as carpets, it’ll give you a total reach of about 6 metres including the cable and hose, so overall this is a quite a lot of cylinder vacuum cleaner for a very small amount of cash.  


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What is the best cylinder vacuum cleaner for pet hair?

A lot of vacuum cleaners and hoovers these days come with a pet attachment so you remove the standard head that sits at the bottom of the hose and stick on another one and somehow that is supposed to spring into action and magically pick up all of your pet’s hairs.

As far as we are concerned it’s not worth wasting your money or being fooled into thinking that sticking on another attachment is going to pick up all your pet hair. It may have an ever so small extra benefit but it’s definitely not worth paying more money for.

Some manufacturers even name their cleaners with animals in the title like Miele’s “cat and dog” to make you think that they will be particularly good with cat and dog hair but the reality is they are no better than a lot of other cleaners at picking up pet hair but are a lot cheaper because they don’t have the pet attachment.

What you do need to focus on is suction power. A number of our recommendations above have 800 watts of suction power. If you apply that kind of power to any area that has any kind of pet hair near it then unless it is glued to the floor it’s going straight up the hose and into the waste bin, with or without a pet attachment or any special name.

Which vacuum cleaner has the most suction?

There is only so much suction that can possibly be beneficial when it comes to cleaning your home.

Some of the cheaper cordless cleaners have poor suction because the cost of the battery makes up a huge cost of the overall hoover and if you skimp on the battery then it makes it cheaper but you also get loss of suction and for less time before you have to recharge.

With cylinder vacuum cleaners there are no such problems because you plug it in and that then fires up a motor that can produce 800 watts of power or more at a very low cost.

Anything that generates 800 watts of suction power or more is going to suck up anything that is not stuck to the floor or ingrained into the fabric of the carpet. If it’s sitting on the surface or it is sitting beneath the surface of the carpet then 700 watts or 800 watts of suction power will get rid of it.

So it’s not so much identifying what vacuum cleaner has the most suction power but more about looking for the actual amount of suction power available. 700 – 800 watts will do everything you need.

What is the best brand of vacuum cleaner?

If you are looking for a cheap cylinder vacuum cleaner then you don’t really need a brand that you have heard of. Sure, the likes of Henry and Miele are excellent but you will pay extra for them.

If you want the best value for your money then there is no reason why you can’t go for a name that you have never heard of as long as you do your research properly and buy it from a company you can trust such as Amazon that will always look after you quickly should something go wrong.

If you stick to those rules and buy a cylinder hoover from Amazon then it’s pretty much risk-free due to their amazing customer service.

Are expensive vacuums worth it?

Not really. If money is no object then by all means go for an all singing all dancing Dyson or Shark hoover.

They absolutely do an outstanding job across the board when it comes to cleaning your home but if you do care about the amount of money that you spend on essential items like a vacuum cleaner then there are better options out there that will do a job that is really close to the very best but for a lot less cash outlay.

The recommendations above are a great example of how you can get excellent cleaning performance without breaking the bank.

Are cordless vacuums as good as corded?

Dyson does not make corded vacuum cleaners any more so in their opinion you can now achieve the same performance with a cordless cleaner as you can with a corded.

Whilst that may be true, you most certainly cannot get a cordless vacuum at the same price as an equivalent corded one in terms of suction power.

The batteries on a top-end cordless cleaner cost a lot of money and that is a big chunk of what you pay for if you choose to buy one so for the ultimate convenience a super expensive cordless cleaner is the way to go if you can afford to buy one.

If you can’t afford one and you want great performance at a lower cost then a corded cylinder cleaner is a great option.

What is the best vacuum cleaner under £100?

All but one of our cylinder vacuum cleaner recommendations normally retail for under £100.

Every single one of them represents incredible value for money and it just depends on the kind of features that work best for you.

Perhaps you want bagged or bagless, a longer power cord or a larger waste container.

Our main priority has been to select cleaners that have first and foremost incredible suction power and then you can select the add on’s that you deem to be necessary for your individual needs.

Everything you need can be found in the individual listings above. 

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