What is the best steam mop in the UK?

When it comes to the best steam mop, spending the most money doesn’t necessarily get you the best cleaning power for your home.

There are two main types of steam mops to consider. The first type is just for cleaning your floors and the second type are multipurpose and can be used to clean many different surfaces throughout your home.

Type one is steam mops just for your floors and the second type are steam cleaners that have a mop attachment for floors but many other attachments as well to clean everywhere else.

If you know that you only want to clean floors then you can skip the steam cleaners and just focus on the mops.

If you are not sure and have never cleaned with the power of steam before then take some time to check out the multipurpose steam cleaners as well because the cleaning power for taps, tiles, showers, glass, worksurfaces and much more really is second to none and is possible without any chemical detergents at all.

If you have mostly hard floors in your home then a steam mop is the cheapest way to get the best cleaning performance.

A cordless vacuum cleaner is the way to go if you have carpets or an equal combination of carpet and hard floor but if you have mostly hard floors then running a brush quickly over the surface to get rid of the larger pieces of debris and then letting a stream cleaner do the rest is the best way to deep clean hard floors easily and very effectively.

We have reviewed dozens of steam mops and narrowed it down to the top 5.

We could easily have included 10 or 15 but they start to become very similar and you end up getting more confused rather than getting more clarity.

These are not only loved by us but thousands of customers that have already purchased these products and love the way that they clean.

If you are used to using a manual mop and bucket then taking the step to get a steam mop will transform your life.

You will be very surprised how much dirt gets left behind with manual cleaning compared to steam.

Manual mops are time consuming and cumbersome whereas steam mops glide across the floor in a fraction of the time and clean much more effectively.

And it’s not just the extra dirt that gets picked up but the bacteria that gets killed as well.

Manual cleaning is normally done with lukewarm or hot water and plenty of bacteria can withstand those temperatures but cleaning with steam is like cleaning with boiling water all the time and at those temperatures almost all bacteria is killed which is what you want especially if you have children that are coming into contact with the floor all the time.

There is no comparison. Once you get a steam mop you will never go back to manual.

Price and performance have been combined to give you the best possible value for money.

These are the top 5 steam mops and multipurpose steam cleaners:

Shark S6003UK “Klik N Flip” Steam Mop

I loved this steam mop so much that i bought one for myself.

It costs a bit more than the average compared to our other steam mop recommendations but its worth it for several reasons.

There is virtually nothing that this won’t clean due to one specific feature that i love – the blast of steam feature.

It officially comes with 3 power settings – low, medium and high but there is also a 4th hidden power that i call super high.

My home is all hard flooring (tiles in the kitchen and bathroom) and somehow i always come across something that has been ground in and won’t come out with a regular pass of the mop but i have yet to find anything that doesn’t come out when applying the “super-high” blast of steam that the Shark Klik and Flip offers.

When you come across something that won’t come out you literally flip the mop head (it’s super easy to do) and you get a powerful directional blast of steam that will annihilate pretty much anything. You never need more than a few seconds at this setting before flipping it back again and continuing without having to bend over and get down on the floor.

The other thing i love about the Shark steam mop is that you don’t have to fiddle around to change the mop head cloth. You don’t even have to bend down.

When the head is dirty it clicks off and you can put a new one on by throwing the new one on the floor and slotting it into the cleverly designed pouches and away you go again. It comes with a spare so you can have one in the wash (they go straight into the washing machine) while the other is in use.

The mop head is large so you get good coverage and it also swivels easily and effectively making it simple to get into corners and awkward places.

This is as good as it gets for a steam mop.



See the full review fo the Shark “Klik N Flip” steam mop


Shark S1000UK Easy Steam Mop

If you want branded performance at unbranded prices then the Shark entry-level steam mop is a great option to consider. This is already a proven winner over time and is highly recommended by many happy customers.

You only get one level of power but it does a very effective job at that level and there is a very good feature where you pump as much steam as you need by simply pressing down on the top so you get the exact amount you need on demand, not too much and not too little allowing you to glide effortlessly across surfaces that need a normal mop run over them and a big burst of steam if required for any stubborn dirt.

It has a good-sized water container that won’t need refilling mid clean and it only weighs 2.6kg making it super easy to move around and up and down the stairs.

This steam mop may not be full of features and add ons but if you want something that just does what it’s supposed to without any faff then this is worth a look.



See the full review of the Shark S1000UK steam mop


Karcher SC3 Easyfix Steam Cleaner

The first two products on our list are dedicated floor steam mops but the Karcher SC3 is a multipurpose steam cleaner that includes a steam mop as part of its functionality.

It costs a bit more than a standard steam mop but it does much much more.

You get a full range of attachments enabling you to steam clean pretty much anything and everything in your home. 

You get the main mop head, large brush head a super high-pressure nozzle and much more. Full details are in our full review (link below)

The high-pressure nozzle is our favourite because it allows you to get into areas like taps and shower trays that are not really accessible or awkward to get to by hand.

Its very lightweight at just 3kg, takes just 20 seconds to warm up and comes with a high capacity 1 litre water tank that will be good for multiple cleans.

Karcher is a top brand and are experts in the field of cleaning and it shows with this super flexible multipurpose steam cleaner.


See the full review of the Karcher SC3 Easyfix Steam Cleaner


Dupray Heavy Duty Multipurpose Steam Cleaner

This is a very impressive non-branded steam cleaner that arguably offers more than Karcher but at a similar price.

This is so good that it will work well in a small commercial environment as well as any home. 

You get a 1.6 litre water tank making sure that you will never run out of water mid-job but yet it still weighs only 4kg making it super portable and easy to move around.

You get a whole bunch of attachments and accessories (reviewed in the full review link below) that are easy to clip on and off and will ensure that every part of your home is accessible to a full steam clean.

The only thing to bear in mind is that it does take 7 minutes to warm up but that is a small price to pay for a product that offers fantastic cleaning performance at an affordable price.


See the full review of the Dupray Multipurpose Steam Cleaner


Vileda Steam Mop

Vileda is the go-to brand when it comes to manual mops. They are available in all of the major supermarkets but not everyone knows that they do a pretty good steam mop as well.

It is slightly different from the others in terms of the mop head design. It’s triangular rather than a rectangular shape and that makes it really easy to get into corners. The overall area of the mophead is slightly smaller but it arguably makes it easier to get into smaller and hard to reach areas.

It has a very short 15-second warm-up time and the steam power is controlled by a dial so you can tweak it to just how it suits each of the surfaces in your home.

The 400ml water tank is good for about 25 minutes which should be plenty for most homes but topping it up takes seconds anyway if you need to add more water.

A very strong and durable steam mop that feels like it is made to last.


See the full review of the Vileda steam mop

What else is important when choosing a steam mop?

Here are some of the key things to think about when choosing a mop that is best suited for your needs.


If you are looking to spend as little as possible and get maximum results it’s important to not get sucked into the very cheapest steam mops.

The very lowest priced products do not have sufficient steam power to clean effectively and you may only get one setting for the level of steam as well and that may not be good enough for what you want to clean.

At around the £60 mark and above you will be able to pick one up that does a really good job.


Some steam mops have one power setting going up to three in the higher end ones.

We would always recommend going for one with variable steam settings because if you have different hard floor types in your home they may clean better with different power levels and you don’t want to risk any damage on certain floor types.

For example, I use a Shark steam mop and it comes with 3 steam settings, low, medium and high. I use high on my tiled floors in the kitchen and bathrooms because you can blast them at maximum heat and get a super deep clean.

The rest of my house has Amtico laminate floor and I clean those surfaces on medium power. It cleans them brilliantly at that level and so there is no need to go to max power and I also don’t want to risk any steam getting into the sides of the planks and potentially causing any damage so I keep it on medium because max power is just super powerful.

Not all steam mops have this feature but my Shark does and I do use it and find it useful for dried in stains in the kitchen and bathroom and that is “shot of steam”

It’s similar to the blast of steam that you get on some irons and on the Shark you can just flip the mop head over and it gives a concentrated blast that will attack and destroy any ground in food stain and dirt that you are finding hard to get out.

There are a number of different options when it comes to power on a steam mop and you don’t necessarily need the blast of steam option but go for 3 steam settings if you can afford it.

Think about what you want to clean

A steam mop is fine if you only want to clean the floor but there many other parts of your home that will benefit from the power of steam.

So before you go for a mop take a look at some of the things a multipurpose steam cleaner can do in addition to a standard steam mop.

Kitchen – This is the most obvious as kitchens tend to have tiles or linoleum on the floor. You will not get anything to clean a tiled or lino surface better than a steam mop.

Oven – No matter how hard you try and keep an oven clean, somehow over time it just gets disgusting. Thick grease and grime builds up and if you are like me then you start to notice it when it gets quite bad but you just can’t bear dealing with it until it get sot the point where you realise that you have left it too long and you consider whether you need to pay a professional oven cleaning company £100 to come round and do it for you.

With a steam cleaner, you can do it yourself without the pain of taking half a day to do it yourself or paying someone a fortune to come and do it for you.

Furniture – If you have cats or dogs then you will know that they roam everywhere when they are outside and you never quite know what their fur might be picking up that will be transferred back into the house and onto higher level surfaces like the couch or tabletops. Steam kills 99% of bacteria so a steam cleaner works particularly well for sanitizing your home if you have pets.

Car – ok, not the outside but have you ever thought about the stuff that gets brought into your car on a regular basis?

How often do you ever do anything other than give it a quick vacuum either yourself or at the car wash.

Steam cleaners are great for a once a month deep clean of the car to keep it in tip-top condition and free from any germs or other nasties lurking inside.

Windows – A lot of steam cleaners come with a squeegee attachment and are brilliant at removing the dirt and grime from the inside and outside of your windows. Goodbye window cleaner.

Curtains – This is one of the items in every home that always gets neglected. Of all the thousands of jobs that have to been done in everyone’s busy life it’s no wonder that the curtains get left for years before you even give a second thought to giving them a clean.

Steam is perfect as you can keep them hung whilst you clean them and not have to go to the bother of taking them down and the hassle of taking them to the dry cleaners and the associated large cost of professional cleaning.

Carpets – The one thing that steam mops or steam cleaners are not very good at is cleaning carpets.

For some reason, a lot of manufacturers of steam mops insist on including a carpet glider that clips onto the mop head and allows you to “glide” across the carpet and pump steam into the carpet fibres.

Although that may freshen up the carpet its not going to give it a thorough clean so if you need to remove stains and/or need to give your carpet a deep clean then you should consider a carpet cleaner.

Beds – Have you had the same bed for 5 years or more? I’m sure you change the bed linen on a regular basis but when was the last time that you actually cleaned the bed?

Probably never right? Well if that is the case you certainly would not want to see what is lurking in your mattress if you put it under a microscope. Bed mites are rife in all mattresses and lots of dust can build up as well which is not great from a cleanliness perspective but can also have a negative effect on anyone that has allergies.

Steam cleaning your mattress will get rid of all the nasty bugs and mites that have been building up over the years and leave it fresh and healthy.

What types of hard floor as best suited for steam?

Almost all hard flooring will work well for steam cleaning.

Tiled surfaces are perfect and laminate and linoleum are also very good surfaces to clean with steam.

The only type of hardfloor that you may need to be careful with is real wooden floor planks that may have gaps in them. You don’t want to risk water getting through the gaps and underneath the floorboards and creating warping.

It’s unlikely because the steam only leaves a thin layer of water that dries very quickly but it something to be aware of.

Heat up time

Most steam mops are going to be good to go in about 15-20 seconds from when you turn them on so pretty much a non-issue but some of the steam cleaners can take up to 7 minutes before you can start cleaning.

If you decide that a multipurpose steam cleaner is the way forward then just be aware that you will need to wait a few minutes before you can start to clean.

Weight and ease of use

All of our recommendations have been tested to ensure that they are very easy to move about and get to edges and corners without issue but some of the lower cost steam mops are wanting in this area so make sure you check that out before buying.

You also don’t want anything that is cumbersome and heavy so something that weighs between 2kg to 4kg will ensure you have no problem manoeuvring it around and up and down the stairs.


Check that you get a spare mop microfibre cloth with the steam mop or steam cleaner when you buy it because you don’t want to have one in the wash and not have a spare available if you want to clean before the other one is out of the wash.

Check through all the different accessories that come with steam cleaners to make sure they will accommodate everything you want to clean.

Some of the most common are Squeegees for windows. Upholstery attachments for sofas and chairs, scrubbing pads for the oven and direct steam nozzle for tiles and taps and more.

Why you should get a steam mop

Time Saver – Using a steam mop is much quicker than using a traditional manual mop.

You don’t have to dip the mop into the water multiple times and then rinse it out before mopping the floor.

And it is also much easier to move across the surface of the floor with a steam mop compared to a manual one. A good steam mop will just glide across the floor because the steam creates a watery film between the mop head and the floor making it super easy to manoeuvre.

No Chemicals – Steam kills 99% of bacteria due to the very high heat and therefore you don’t need to buy any detergents when you clean your floor using this method and as a result it saves you money as well.

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